Grandma’s Love


Grandma’s Love celebrates the unconditional love a grandparent bestows upon their grandchildren. When a grandparent passes on, explaining the sudden loss can be challenging.  Grandma’s Love was written for children who are grieving.  It is filled with positive memories that will help the reader celebrate past shared experiences. This story about Grandma’s Love, tenderly shares expressions of love, kindness, hope, and faith this grandmother shared with her grandson. It reminds the reader that even in death memories are treasures that are forever held in the heart of the child.


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Grandma’s Love is a children’s book that celebrates the love a grandparent provides to a child. Parenting is a difficult task and it takes a village to raise a child. It’s always a pleasure when there is dedication and support from a loving member of the family, like a grandparent. 

When a child is embraced with love and care, it increases the likelihood that the child will exhibit the same loving and caring notions towards others. This book was written to help readers who might be dealing with grief due to the loss of a loved one and to help reflect on the good memories they made with a caring family member.

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